December 12, 2010

My favorite holiday!

My absolute favorite time of the year is…Christmas! I love the spirit of the season and of course the redecorating of the house inside and out. This year we decided to tackle the outside of the house even though it meant climbing a 30’ ladder to reach the highest peaks of the roof. It turned out great….my daughter exclaimed, “I thought I was walking through a catalog!” I’ll post some pics tomorrow!
My favorite part of decorating for Christmas is of course decorating the Christmas tree. We have 2 trees in our home, one upstairs for the kids and one downstairs that everyone can enjoy. I finally went out and bought a new white tree this year because my old white tree was beginning to look a bit dirty and yellow…not exactly emanating the Christmas spirit. Here are the steps I use to make sure my tree looks fabulous!
  1.  Fluff and separate all of the tree branches…I know this takes a lot of time, but it is well worth the effort and scratches! It makes the tree look fuller and separates the light strands.

2.   Add in any garlands/ribbon that encircle the tree…mine is an easy red and white felt garland that my kids and I made a very long time ago that cost next to nothing!

3.       Time to add in all of your round glass ornaments. The trick is to evenly space the ornaments on the tree…this year I used red, apple green, silver, white, and iridescent ornaments of all sizes. I especially love when my old ornaments start to age, but I always do manage to break a few every year.

4.       Now is the time to add in all of your additional ornaments…I collect these every year in groups of 5-7(odd numbers always look best!) after Christmas for very reasonable prices. Make sure to space these out evenly around the tree as well. I even add the white paper snowflakes that I made during Christmas of ’99 after my son was born and we didn’t want him to break the ornaments on the tree. I keep them in a special box and they look as good as new every year!

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  1. Katie,
    The tree looks great. I love that you add your own snowflake ornaments made in '99. Such a great way to have kid friendly ornaments!
    Happy holidays!