December 13, 2010

Classic Louis

I cannot wait until Friday! Not only do I get a whole two weeks off to rest and spend time with my family, but I get a chance to catch up on all the projects that accumulate in my home. This time I am determined to finish my dining room chairs that I have had for over a year. They are a classic Louis XV French style chair...but definitely made sometime during the 90's. I have already stripped the wood and plan to finish them with a coat of white paint or stain. Check out my inspiration photos! I am most likely going for a rust-orange velvet or mohair…
My dining chairs BEFORE!
Love the leather with white finish!

Yummy Chocolate...

Love the color of the fav color!

Black on Black...instant classic!

1 comment:

  1. I am so envious!!!!! I have wheatback chairs and would trade with you in a minute! Looking forward to the result.